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Furniture Accessories Glamora

The Glamora collections stylishly and uniquely combine disparate sources of inspiration and artistic codes, reinterpreting them with a contemporary slant. The aim is to create a design that places as much emphasis on aesthetics as it does on the use and concept of the project.

Glamora’s designs range from abstract motifs to oversized figurative images. The company’s creations have always been linked by a subtle running theme: sophisticated and timeless elegance expressed in a range of neutral tones and harmonious combinations of eclectic influence.

All Glamora’s products are 100% custom-made and designed to give interiors a unique and personal look. Size, design and colour can all be adapted to complement the space. This gives customers an infinite array of decorative solutions to capture the feel of their project.

GlamFusion™ is the waterproof wallpaper, with patent pending, that needs no waterproofing treatment by the installer. A perfect combination of technical function and appearance, it is the ideal covering for walls in contact with water or undergoing intense stresses, both mechanical and chemical.

Innovative architectural materials: Glamora produces cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing wallcovering materials for architectural surfaces. Made entirely in Italy, they are easy and very quick to apply, even to curved surfaces.

To ensure excellent colour rendering and that the style is suitable for specific surfaces, Glamora bases each collection around one single material. In addition, customers can use designs from different collections, or which are not included in the catalogue, to decorate their wallcovering. You can request bespoke full-scale samples and installation instructions by contacting the customer care team. In addition, we offer a service to help designers when they need to create designs which are not included in the catalogue. We also offer a dedicated project manager who provides technical and design-related assistance. This means professionals can access a high-quality service, as well as a high-quality product.

Glamdecor: This is the ideal wallpaper for covering walls, ceilings, doors and wardrobe doors simply and quickly. Produced using environmentally friendly, breathable and odourless inks, it is the ideal solution for any interior surface, whether residential or commercial.

Glammetal: This wallpaper gives architectural surfaces the iridescent reflections of metal and the charm of silk, communicating a style that is sophisticated yet minimalist. Created from a combination of thin metallic laminate and a fabric-like texture, GlamMetal plays with colour and iridescent effects to give interiors a distinctive look.

Glamacoustic: This wallpaper with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties improves a room’s acoustic comfort. GlamAcoustic is a vinyl wallcovering. Its layers allow it to reduce noises from outside the room, as well as muffle the noises that leave the room.


Furniture Accessories Glamora

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