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Does your home need a renovation? Should your spaces be renewed, revised and refreshed? Are you a little tired of your environments and want to make them more functional, beautiful and more valuable?

Zucchi Arredamenti, among the major retailers of major furniture brands in Milan, will put at your disposal all its consolidated experience and reliability in 60 years of activity.

We will follow you in all the phases of the project: from design of the systems to the construction site manager, from the selection of materials to the study of furnishing accessories, proposing the best aesthetic-functional solutions, up to the management of "tailor-made".

Every restructuring is a challenge. The customer must savor this challenge together with our team, present at every stage of the project.

Zucchi Arredamenti provides directly: floors, decorations, coverings, painting, doors and windows, custom-made fabrics and curtains, indoor and outdoor furniture both standard and customized.

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Why choose us for your renovation

The renovation of houses starts from a project designed in compliance with all the needs of our customers. All the works will be preceded by an inspection phase, measurements will be taken and the best interior solutions will be designed.

Often a good renovation of the house goes through the replacement of the floor and wall coverings. Lay a parquet, choose stoneware or terracotta for outdoor flooring, or the always functional ceramic for more practical environments. Bathroom furniture, another specialty of Zucchi Arredamenti, it also passes through the choice of a good covering that must make the environment intimate and welcoming.

Revisiting of the environments. Our experts in renovation will immediately understand how to make the rooms of your home new and aesthetically more beautiful even just by changing cabinets, furniture and furnishing accessories. Zucchi Arredamenti is reseller of the best brands in Milan and will use its products to make your environment truly unique.

To get the best renovation of your home you can also review the exterior and interior plasters, make the walls waterproof, take all the energy saving measures required by the various regulations. In this way you will not only have a more modern, aesthetically pleasing and liveable house, but it will also allow you to save and respect the environment. The choice of the type of painting is really fundamental.

The renovation of the house is also required for increase the energy class and to review the water and electricity plants thus acquiring more value on the market. Our experts will guide you in the best possible way.

Zucchi Arredamenti is always up to date on the latest news, on current building trends, on new materials and on the various poses: entrust our experts to make your home truly unique.

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