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Our experts will know how to follow you carefully, helping you in your choice and advising you on the latest trends in the furniture industry. Relying on the professionalism and experience of Zucchi, you will be sure to bring extremely functional armchairs and sofas characterized by high design to your home, designed to make you relax and let yourself rest in the best way.

Are you looking for Cassina armchairs and sofas in Milan?
Would you like to furnish your living room and your living room with articles from a luxury brand that will enrich the beauty of your home?

At Zucchi Arredamenti you will be able to touch the best creations of top designers, you can carefully evaluate the beauty of Cassina armchairs and sofas in Milan, carefully choosing the item that best suits your needs.

Poltrone e divani Cassina a Milano
Rivenditore poltrone e divani Cassina a Milano

A touch of class to your living room

Benefits and features

  • Seat cushions, backrests and armrests of Cassina armchairs are made of polyurethane foam with different densities and feather padding.
  • The seats of the Cassina armchairs are always generous in size.
  • Foldable headrests and an exclusive movement mechanism allow different positions of the Cassina armchairs, always guaranteeing an optimal level of comfort.
  • Cassina sofas and armchairs consist of one, two or three seats, with modular corner and end elements, without forgetting the modular chaise longue and optional cushions.
  • All Cassina sofa and armchair models differ in their high artistic content and their particular creative character. Precisely for this reason they are protected by copyright, to further prove the exclusivity of the product you are buying.
  • Covers in leather, fabric, leather, plastic. To offer the choices of the raw material on which you will rest.
  • Fine stitching