Flou beds

Flou retailer in Milan

Flou beds in Milan

Class and elegance at your service

Flou beds combine innovative design great practicality that improves comfort, well-being and quality of life. Zucchi Arredamenti is one of the most important Flou bed retailers in Milan, the leader of modern textile beds, softly padded and upholstered in removable, washable and interchangeable fabrics.

Are you looking for luxury furniture?
Would you like to enrich your room with the beautiful Flou beds in Milan? Trust in the experience and professionalism of Zucchi Arredamenti, among the best furniture stores in the province of Milan where you will find a wide choice and meet the refined taste of the owners who will be able to advise you the best.

Letti Flou a Milano
Rivenditore letti Flou a Milano

A touch of class to your bedroom caress

The characteristics of a unique product

  • The best designers, for truly unique creations, able to embellish and make your bedroom special.
  • The best materials: textile, leather, leather, wood.
  • Fine upholstery, tailored seams
  • Different models, from beds with a container base to those with electric movement, from those with a large headboard to those with a low and long headboard.
  • Flou beds are available in all versions: double, single, the revolutionary duet, sofa beds.

The security of a good base

Flou beds are equipped with an ergonomic and extremely functional network, equipped with an infinite number of unique advantages in the sector.

  • It supports the body without effort, thanks to a balance based on balancing and distributing loads.
  • Flou bed slats are adjustable, reliable, safe and durable.
  • Flou bed bases ensure good air circulation and therefore optimal mattress transpiration, making the bed surface more rigid or soft.
  • Flou beds are often equipped with electric movement nets.

Flou mattresses, just for your dreams

  • Flou bed mattresses guarantee the maintenance of the sinusoidal shape of the spine, preventing anatomical degenerations such as lordosis or kyphosis.
  • Flou bed mattresses know how to welcome the person, deforming themselves to the right point, sinking and yielding under the weight of the body, responding elastically in the area of lumbar kyphosis and adequately supporting the supporting backbone.

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