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Kitchens Dada

Informal, pragmatic and unpretentious. It has as much technology as needed. It is functional, efficient, with no excess. Sober and solid, coherent and accessible, with ergonomic opening systems, long-lasting materials, simplified cleaning and maintenance. But with design and functional details. It represents the innovative Dada know-how and has the finest technological solutions for construction systems, finishes and accessories. It is versatile thanks to a rich choice of accessories and components. It will have a long life, thanks to the bar system below the wall units, the extruded aluminium handles, the upper edges of doors and drawers. It is discreet but bright too; cabinets, shelves and wall columns have a matt embossed lacquer finish and laminated worktops. It is the perfect synthesis of a few, simple elements; together they deliver a highly modular system that facilitates design and assembly. 

A system of subtraction distinguishes clearly formal elements from functionally suitable components. This project helps rediscover “the richness of simplicity”.
"INDada is renewed with a sophisticated, modern look that introduces new finishes and materials which are in harmony with Molteni&C.
Shapes, materials, colours and new details matched in infinite compositions to build a unique, personalised style and a design concept that is a poetic exercise in style."

"The image reveals the forms that curious eye craves." Nicola Gallizia 

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