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Kitchens Dada

Designed in 2007 by Dante Bonuccelli, Trim is considered a revolution, a new, more rational and flexible approach to kitchens and the way they are used. Space is the key element of a system devised to match the pace of present-day lives, the organization of homes, the need to mix technology and functionality. Drawers, cabinets and wall units are no longer enough. Accessorized back panels come onto the scene: a space between wall units and worktop, accessible with a Dada-patented mechanism of sliding (and disappearing) glass panels. LED lighting and power sockets add functionality to the accessorized panels of Trim’s technological core. And there’s more: wall units with cushioned electrified doors, base unit doors with an exclusive handle fixing system that recedes below the top, creating a discrete groove effect. 

Trim is a revolution. Space is the main feature of this system, a more rational and flexible way of experiencing the kitchen, designed for fast-paced contemporary life through a combination of technology and functionality.
Drawers, doors and wall units are no longer enough. Now, there are accessorised back panels: a space between the wall unit and the worktop that becomes available by moving sliding glass doors that work with a mechanism patented by Dada. LED lighting and electrical sockets also make the accessorised back panel the technological centre of Trim.

"The ideal design is the result of a new concept. It is functional, attentive to detail, becomes timeless and has harmonious forms." Dante Bonuccelli 

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