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Following the launch of Patricia Urquiola's love-bed Trampoline for Cassina’s first complete outdoor collection, the range has expanded with a new armchair, a two-seater sofa and three combinable modules - a small and a large terminal and a central element - to create welcoming and extremely comfortable compositions for the outdoors.

The project maintains the same playful design characterised by rounded and sinuous shapes in an invitation to enjoy the open air. The continuity of the project can also be identified in the use of the handwoven polypropylene and nylon rope which becomes a functional decoration that forms the backrest of the seat. The rope, in two shades of mélange, is deliberately combined with light and simple colours, while the backrest and seat cushions stand out for their optional fringes, in the same shades as the rope, that create movement.

Trampoline also has an environmentally friendly approach. Thanks to the research carried out by Cassina LAB, the collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Centre and at the Milan Polytechnic, the collection features innovative and sustainable materials that are completely made in Italy. The panels under the seat are produced in RFM®, a recycled fibreglass finished by hand and 100% recyclable, and the cushions are padded with polyurethane foam covered in 100% recycled wadding made from PET and upholstered in water-repellent polyester canvas.

A new outdoor upholstery made from recycled plastic is also available. The Futura fabric, exclusively developed by Reviva for Cassina, is a fully recyclable polyester yarn made from 100% recycled PET. Its production has a low environmental impact as the plastic transformation process requires fewer steps and, as a result, a reduction of carbon emissions. Futura, with its characteristic texture, is highly resistant, fire-proof and also hypoallergenic thanks to the fact that the yarn is dyed with non-toxic colourants, consciously contributing to safeguarding the future of our planet.

"I hope that Trampoline becomes a happy archipelago that will grow. Starting from the haven or circular island that we call the love-bed, we have thought of a series of elements that are sometimes singular, like the armchairs and the first sofa, and sometimes modular with their rounded shapes that invade the space in an organic way. The out-of-scale weave that accompanies the backrest of the seat also references the tension cords of trampolines, those cords also become fringes around the cushions.

Patricia Urquiola Trampoline

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